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October '95 Alan Salmon
Rating **** (4 of 5 star rating)

Abacus II is an extremely easy-to-use accounting system with a feature set that is found only in high-end systems. Abacus II provides a unique method of moving from DOS to Windows. This approach may be the best of both worlds.


CPA Software News
July '94 Charles Chewning

Abacus II represents the best of the best of middleware accounting systems. It has combined a good feature set with ease of use to produce a worthy contender. Right from the beginning you see its vertsatility. Abacus II is an extremely easy-to-use accounting system with processing features and options found only in some high-end systems. Abacus II is a very well designed system that should serve many companies well.


Accounting Technology
June '95 Michael Cohn

Abacus Systems' Abacus II offers an integrated set of moderately priced modules in the midrange between entry-level and high-end accounting software.

Accounting Technology
February '94 Michael Cohn

Leading edge software helps you solve the inventory dilemma. Abacus Accounting Systems offers Abacus II, a fully integrated accounting system that comes with inventory and several other modules built in. At $495 for the single-user pakcage and $995 for a multiuser version that supports up to 150 users, Abaucs II is affordably priced.


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May '94 Tom Richardson

Abacus II offers ultimate flexibility by allowing the user his or her own custom Chart of Accoutnts setup, or the use of a quick start setup diskette in which a range of various business templates are defined.

The user's custom definitions can make this program appear to have been written specifically for his or her own business. Suffice to say, Abacus II is suite to small, medium or large businesses and will delight informed users.

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