What Makes Abacus II Unique?
The design of Abacus II is based on the recognition that both entry-level and high-end accounting software packages offer benefits that should not have to be mutually exclusive, as they traditionally have been. Abacus II differentiates itself from all other products on the market by its unique combination of features, its most highly advanced LAN based technology, and its moderate price.

In the past, modular packages have tried to become more attractive by reducing their price, but not by making high-level accounting simpler. Abacus II is a unique combination of the most sought after features of the full spectrum of accounting software. The system provides users with a LAN-based accounting solution with the power and rich features of the best high-end accounting software combined with all of the ease-of-use and full integration of entry-level accounting packages.

Abacus II has an intuitive point-shoot-expand data retrieval method for easy access to all levels of data from anywhere in the program. Abacus II also employs user-definable fields, look-ups and menus for customizing the package to better fit the unique requirements of any type of business.

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